The great olive oil experiment: Beginnings

Olive oil experiment!

After being inspired by soapers Mika and Jennifer, I decided to do my own olive oil experiment.

The recipe is simple – it’s an unscented version of Bubkins with water instead of tea so that I can see how the colour of the oil will turn out in the soap after saponification. So basically it’s 75% olive oil with coconut oil and mango seed butter.

Now, here comes the tough part.

Shortlisting the oils was a nightmare – you could buy a bottle of oil with a French brand but the olives can come from Tunisia or Spain or Algeria or wherever else. I had to read the fine print on the label of each brand of olive oil and with a toddler AND baby in tow, well, I was surprised that my eldest was patient enough to wait while I hung out at the oil aisle at the supermarket, hypermarket and organic stores. Took me three days to get the stuff I wanted and I still don’t have everything I need.

On the “hard to find” list is a truly 100% Made in France olive oil – this would not be a problem if I was staying in the Provence region like Mika (I’m so envious!). Hopefully I’ll be able to find a bottle in one of the stores here over the weekend. My last option would be to order from the factory directly but of course, it would add to the cost of the oil. Heh.

Anyway, on my list, I have two extra virgin (EV) oils from Spain (bottom line – sort of – and organic ripe/dark olive from Andalusia), one EV from Italy and one EV from Tunisia (bottom line). On its way is some pomace oil from Spain. Now I would like to add this lovely Greek EV oil from Crete which I found at the organic store here as well as some French virgin ripe/dark olive oil as well as virgin green olive oil from France but at the rate I’m going, I’ll be swimming in olive oil!

The other issue is this – what I am going to do with all that olive oil soap? Hm.

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