The great olive oil experiment: As we continue…

After getting off to a good start, I got distracted with a lot of other things, other soaps, other experiments and well, forgot all about this until yesterday when I was digging around my butter & oil stash. The French oil called to me so after cleaning up the tools from the salt bar yesterday, I decided to plunge right into the experiment. This time, I made sure I had my camera next to me. The previous experiments were done at night and I didn’t have a chance to snap pictures of the whole process in natural light. There’s just something about editing pictures taken in yellow light that turns me off.

Anyway, from France, I decided on a AOP extra virgin olive oil from Nyon (cold process extraction and bottled at the mill. The colour is a gorgeous golden yellow and very unlike the other two oils from Spain and Italy which were more green. Scent-wise, it still smell of olives but very slight – Eva thought it smelled of apples. Then again, she isn’t all that accurate with description of fruits (she still refers to a passion fruit as peach!)

The Great Olive Oil Experiment: The French Olive Oil The Great Olive Oil Experiment: (French) After adding in the other oils

As I continued on with the process, I also discovered that it took a little longer to get to thin trace as compared to the other two as well. I used a stick blender – like with the Spanish and Italian oils – but in this case, I took around 5-8 minutes to get to the right consistency before pouring the batter into the mold. All in all, I’m excited about unmolding this!

The Great Olive Oil Experiment: (French) Getting to thin trace The Great Olive Oil Experiment: (French) In the mold

The other two soaps are looking great – Bar B is the one made using the Italian oil and the other, Spanish oil. The colour difference is very slight but the scent is amazingly different. I’ll talk about this more when I have completed the experiment.

The Great Olive Oil Experiment: The Italian (B) and Spanish (A) Olive Oil bars

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