Stock Update

Here’s a look at our inventory as of 4 December 2016, 8am (+8 GMT):


The following soaps are ready to be shipped out:

  • Mei Kwei
  • Roa
  • Kopi O
  • Yo Nettle Shampoo Bar
  • Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar
  • Hinoki & Lavender (Limited Edition)
  • Purple Rio (Limited Edition)
  • The Mandarin (liquid body wash)
  • Gently Does It (liquid face & body wash)


These soaps are still curing but are available for reservation (please contact me for an exact end-cure date):

We have been too busy to churn out soaps!


The following items are ready for orders. These will be made to order so allow anywhere from 1-3 days for production:

  • Enrich Butter
  • Bug Me Not
  • Stuffed No More
  • Cracks Away
  • Sanatio
  • Shea & Chamomile Butter
  • Mawar Emulsion
  • Midsummer Dream
  • Essentia Facial Serum
  • Purifico Facial Serum
  • Solatium Facial Serum
  • Venetian Pink & Rogue Green scrub masks
One comment on “Stock Update
  1. Karen Voon says:

    Hi Mabel!
    I’ve a sudden craze for soaps. Could you pack up 1 each of all your available soaps including serai? Let me know what’s the damage I’ll transfer via CIMB to you. Do you hv any for hair?

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