Shop updates & a holiday notice!

Holiday notice
We are currently gearing up for our seasonal vacation so last call for orders will be on 5 December. I am hoping to get all orders sent out before I leave for my parents’ place in KL with the kids so that means all parcels should be out by 10 December.

Also, I won’t have much access to the Internet while I’m away so all emails will only be attended to once I get back (which is after Christmas). Soap production will also be on hold until after Christmas/Boxing Day.

Shop updates
Our packaging for 2015 will still pretty much the same – paper – as boxes are not quite eco-friendly (they make excellent gift options but for my regular clients, it seems to be much of a waste) and fabric bags are somewhat time-consuming to make. I spend more time making fabric bags than I do soaping which is a really big shame. My plan is to alternate between boxes (my previous supplier has gone out of business so I need to scout around for a new supplier) and fabric bags for the kids soaps while the regular & sample sized soaps will be packed in paper and labelled accordingly.

Our soap labels will also be printed in colour (finally!) – I have been doing the printing and cutting by hand and with over 10 types of soaps and two labels per bar, it takes up a lot of my time. Getting another printer isn’t on the cards as I already have one and we lack the space to host another printer so this part of production will be outsourced. The design is already done and I’m sourcing for printer quotations at the moment so with any luck, the new labels will be on the soaps come February 2015 latest.

I’ll be retiring a couple of soaps – Trio of Sorrel and Marmalade are two of them; I have yet to decide if I want to keep Tofu on the list. There are plans for a couple of new soaps – another shampoo bar, a new bar for oily/acne proned skin plus another scented bar for all skin types.

Liquid soap will also make its debut some time next year and if all goes well, that means 1) liquid shampoo and 2) liquid body & hand wash.

On the skincare front, there are no real plans to expand the range as skincare is quite tricky to handle. I’m looking along the lines of coming up with a facial scrub but I have yet to decide on the delivery – dry or wet with oil or in a paste, etc. Then of course I’ll need to test it so chances are, any new items for skincare won’t show up until middle of the year.

Limited edition goodies are being planned – for Chinese New Year, V-Day and Mother’s Day. I have a few ideas in mind and it includes my other hobby which is fiber & yarn related.

Also, I’m in the middle of looking at getting a larger 5-6kg mold which will give me at least 45 full bars per batch as well as a few mold round soap molds. I have no idea where I am going to find the space to cure all the soap but I guess I’ll manage somehow.

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2 comments on “Shop updates & a holiday notice!
  1. Eunice says:

    Kinda sad to hear that Tofu might be discontinued because I was thinking of purchasing that for my next batch. Somehow sounds like a delicious bar of soap. But I trust that you have greater stuff in store for us! :)

    • Mabel says:

      Hi Eunice, I’m not too sure if I’m ready to let that soap go tho…I might make it a limited run (as in make it only every six months). Still very much undecided. 😛

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