Review: With Soap + Garden

Review: With Soap + Garden

I must admit – I love swaps! I like exchanging soaps (and emails) with other soapers. It allows me to experience soapmaking from another perspective and at times, culture.

A while back, Mika (from Savon de Mika) organized a soap swap between Japanese soapers and well, non-Japanese soapers. To distinguish the soaps between the two, Japanese soapers were supposed to use some form of Japanese ingredient in their soaps such as green tea/macha, shiso and so forth.

I was paired up with Mika (must be a common name) from With Soap + Garden in Switzerland. Her soaps may look simple but they are still very beautiful and ohmy, the scent is ultra amazing. I got a surprise when I received the bars – they came in a lovely box topped off with a box (she outdone herself!). Even my hubby couldn’t believe that they were bars of soap inside. He thought someone sent me chocolates!

Mika sent over four bars of soap – a Match Soap (Green Tea), Red Shiso Soap, Herb Soap and a Skin Friendly Soap. I love the scent of the Red Shiso Soap and decided to unwrap it which I usually don’t do simply because I hoard soaps from my swaps. They are just too precious to use but I made an exception this time because I just couldn’t wait to see the soap that had this gorgeous mild lavender scent to it. As you can see from the photo above, the bar is rustic and charming. Screams handmade, to be honest.

I can’t wait to use it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Do visit her blog for more information!

Review: With Soap + Garden

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One comment on “Review: With Soap + Garden
  1. mical says:

    Hi, Mabel! I’m relieved my soaps arrived safely.
    Thank you very much for the review!!

    I’m proud of my soaps and yet I need to get more soap-deco practice! Outlook is also very important in the soap art.. isnt it?
    I hope you will like to use my soaps:)

    Thank you very much again for this soap swap and I cant wait to receive your soaps♪

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