Review: Bio-esencia

Review: Bio-esencia

This review has been quite overdue; I never got around to it because of all the mayhem going on with Noah’s eczema, me rushing to stock the store and all.

When Julia from Soap Artists organized an international soap swap between Spanish soapers and the rest of the world, I was excited. It was my first time participating in a swap and I was keen to try out soaps from other soapmakers in the region. My swap mate was Ana from Bio-esencia who frankly makes the loveliest soaps that are equally pretty in terms of packaging. So pretty that till today, I have not unwrapped them!!!!

She sent over about four bars of the most gorgeously wrapped soaps in an array of flavours with Fucus and Leche being part of the batch. I’m intrigued by Fucus. It is packed with seaweed, avocado oil, hazelnut oil and grapeseed oil but that’s not just the only amazing thing about the soap. It is the scent. Ana put in some seriously wonderful essential oils such as lemon eucalyptus, lemon, cedar, cypress and neroli. Very yummylicious and she says this soap is awesome for keeping cellulite at bay!

Ana also makes a variety of other beauty products such as creams (body, hands, face, eyes), lip balm (can’t wait to try out the one she sent over to me), and even things like oil blends, candles and sprays. Seriously very talented!

Do visit her blog for more eye-candy!

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One comment on “Review: Bio-esencia
  1. Ana says:

    Thanks so much Mabel!!

    Take care!

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