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Currently, for local buyers, I accept payments via PayPal or bank transfer only. Bank details will be provided upon confirmation of your order. Payment must be paid within three (3) calendar days of purchase or the item will be re-listed.

Currently, for international buyers, I accept payments via PayPal only; you can also use PayPal as a gateway for credit card payments. For more information, do visit the PayPal site. Payment must be paid within three (3) calendar days of purchase or the item will be re-listed.

To order, just fill out the Order Form with the following information:

  • Your email address
  • Mailing address (for calculation of shipping)
  • Name and quantity of product desired

To see which soaps are available, click on this link here or on the ‘Catalog’ tab (in the header menu).

Once I receive your order, I’ll reserve the soaps until they have finished curing. When they are ready, I’ll email you an invoice (please provide me with a working email address!). Simply make payment as per below, drop me a note with the transaction number or receipt and once payment has been received, the soaps will be on their way to you!

Upon receipt of your sales invoice, there are a few ways to make payment for your soaps.

If you are a Paypal account holder, you can use your bank balance to pay for your sales invoice. Just look for the “Send Money” tab and follow the instructions given. You can also use Paypal as a gateway for credit card payments.

Bank transfer
If you are a local buyer, you can choose to either pay via bank transfer at the ATM or through online banking. Bank details will be provided in the sale invoice. Please remember to email me your transaction reference number in order for me to verify receipt of payment.

Pay using Maybank2U Pay Services.
If you are a Maybank account holder, payment is quick and fast with the following steps:

  1. Click on the Maybank2u Pay icon on the left and login to Maybank2u.
  2. The shop name will be displayed. Just choose your banking account (savings, current, etc) and enter the amount and your email address. Under description of transaction, please enter your invoice number. Read and accept the Disclaimer before proceeding to the next screen.
  3. Click ‘Continue’.
  4. Click ‘Request a TAC Number’. TAC number will be sent to your registered mobile phone. Enter the TAC Number and click ‘Confirm’ to proceed with payment or click ‘Go back’ to go to the previous screen.
  5. You can choose to “print screen” and save the payment confirmation for record and future reference. You will also receive an email as a confirmation of the completed transaction.

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