Going down that yellow brick road!

Working on a test batch of dishwashing liquid

Or in our case, it’s the yellow soap paste!

I’ve had to apologise a few too many times for the non-existent liquid soaps in the shop’s inventory and decided a few months back to get my feet wet and churn out some. Of course between then and now, it required sourcing of KOH which is another type of alkaline one uses to make liquid soap as well as reading up, looking at tutorials, recipes and the such.

I took a little money from whatever the shop earned last month and bought myself a 5 liter slow cooker for the purpose for soaping. When it arrived yesterday, I decided to whip up a simple recipe inspired by a few beginners’ liquid soap recipes floating around on the Internet. I had initially decided on a 100% olive oil soap or castile but at the last minute, changed my mind due to the one not-so-nice nature of castile soaps – it takes forever to reach trace. Finally, I settled on a tweaked recipe that I plan to use as dishwashing liquid which compromises of just three oils.

Now, getting the oils from trace to paste stage was just awful. Being a newbie at liquid soap, I flew into a panic when my very nicely traced soap batter suddenly separated and started looking like split hollandaise sauce. I posted an SOS online and a few told me that it’s normal, to keep stirring and just stir. It didn’t help that I was working with a small batch and my slow cooker was too large for me to safely use the stick blender PLUS I had to stop halfway to go pick up the kids. Oh, the horror of it all.

BUT oddly enough, I returned home – 1 hour after I left the soap on “auto” mode AND starving because I had yet to have my lunch AND breakfast – to soap paste that looked like really fugly mash potatoes. The separation wasn’t so bad and in fact, about 30 minutes later, everything came together quite well. As you can see in the photo above, the soap “cooked” to a gorgeous golden shade. The paste is now diluting and after washing some of the utensils, I’m really looking forward to using this in place of my current dishwashing liquid…

I must say this though – making liquid soap is not easy. For one thing, it requires A LOT of patience!

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