I usually ship out items via Pos Malaysia’s Pos Daftar (registered Malaysian post) (Malaysian postal service). Estimate delivery time frames from the shipped date are from anywhere between 2 to 10 working days depending on your location and subject always that in the event there is any protest or whatsoever affecting the ordinary efficiency of mail service, the expected number of days shall be adjusted accordingly.

However, if you’re in a rush and wish to opt for something faster, there is Pos Laju (only for within Malaysia) which is more expensive due to its 31% additional charges (fuel surcharge, handling charge & tax).

*** Purchases above RM150 will qualify for free shipping within M’sia (via registered post) or 50% off shipping fee & free registration of the parcel for international locations. ***

POS MALAYSIA: Delivery Rates
NOTE that 250 gms is the equivalent of two full bars OR about four sample bars (depends on the weight of each bar).

Malaysia (Nationwide) (including registration)
RM5.50 for above 500 gms to 500 gms
RM7.50 for above 500 gms to 1 kg
RM9.50 for above 1 kg to 2 kg

International* (depending on your location)
RM12-21 for the first 250 gms
RM20-40 for above 250 to 500 gms
RM28-60 for above 500 gms to 1 kg
RM34-72 for above 1 kg to 1.5 kg
RM39-91 for above 1.5 kg to 2 kg

* This excludes RM4.60 for registration

POS LAJU: Delivery Rates
Note: The amount quoted below is not inclusive of 15% fuel surcharge, 10% handling charges and 6% GST charged by Pos Laju.

Malaysia (Peninsular)
RM6.00 for the first 500 gms
RM1.50 for subsequent 250 gms

Malaysia (East Malaysia)
RM7.50 for the first 500 gms
RM1.50 for subsequent 250 gms

I can ship items as gifts, secret pal exchanges and swaps. Please let me know if you wish to attach a gift tag or gift message along with the item.

Once items are in the mail, they are out of my control and I CANNOT be held responsible for items lost in transit.

If your area is known for parcels and post going AWOL or missing, don’t risk it. Opt for registered shipping.

Usually if it takes longer than three weeks to arrive, please be patient and wait a little longer. Chances are it’s being held up at Customs or the postman is just taking longer than usual for a variety of reasons that only s/he knows.

Because of the nature of the items, I’m unable to offer a refund. Sorry!

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