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Minty Tang Shaving Soap

This shaving soap is packed with the goodness of buttermilk, beer, mango butter and jojoba oil to ensure that skin stays supple and soft after going under the razor! It has a very subtle scent of lime and peppermint with

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Warmth Shaving Soap

This extra mild formulated soap was made for those of us who love a good shave. Designed to lather up better than regular soap (results dependent on the tool used, eg hands, cloth or shaving brush), we have packed it

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Trio of Sorrel [Limited Run Item]

NOTE: This is a limited run item so once it’s out of stock, it won’t make its appearance again (or at least for a couple of months)! Made with locally grown (and straight from the farm) roselle flowers, raspberry seed

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These soaps are ready to ship!

- Hinoki & Lavender (Limited Edition)
- Purple Rio (Limited Edition)
- Roa
- Kopi O
- Mei Kwei
- Yo Nettle
- Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar
- Gently Does It (Castile Liquid Soap)
- Mandarin Liquid Body Wash
- Shear Delight Liquid Shampoo

Available for reservation!

We have been too busy to whip up soap!

Sold out / Fully reserved!

Regular items that have just sold out or are fully reserved! (These will be back on the shelves again soon...)

- Hinoki & Gromwell Lavender
- Nocturne
- Mint Tea
- BB Mango Milk – Maxi & Mini
- Tofu
- Persea
- Honey & Oatmeal Stout
- Black Gold (liquid shampoo)

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