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Bubble test: Beach Bum

Creamy, compact lather that has quite some staying power – that’s what you get with Beach Bum. Although I put in some dessicated coconut and pink clay, the soap didn’t come out drying or scratchy. The exfoliant is gentle on

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Bubble test: The Briny Sea

That’s the bubble test from my salt bar test batch – The Briny Sea. I must say that I am happy with the resulting lather. Even though this was packed with a lot of coconut oil (due to the salt

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Bubble test: Two Tone

That’s Two Tone – the sample bar – with its batch of lather at the end of the bubble test. It has a soft floral fragrance that is mild so this is good for people with a sensitive nose. The

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These soaps are ready to ship!

- Hinoki & Lavender (Limited Edition)
- Purple Rio (Limited Edition)
- Roa
- Kopi O
- Mei Kwei
- Yo Nettle
- Ayurvedic Shampoo Bar
- Gently Does It (Castile Liquid Soap)
- Mandarin Liquid Body Wash
- Shear Delight Liquid Shampoo

Available for reservation!

We have been too busy to whip up soap!

Sold out / Fully reserved!

Regular items that have just sold out or are fully reserved! (These will be back on the shelves again soon...)

- Hinoki & Gromwell Lavender
- Nocturne
- Mint Tea
- BB Mango Milk – Maxi & Mini
- Tofu
- Persea
- Honey & Oatmeal Stout
- Black Gold (liquid shampoo)

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