Each bar of soap is made from vegetable oils, milks, clays & muds and all natural botanical and fruit ingredients before being sliced, tagged and packed by hand.

Apart from cold process soaps, I also produce small quantities of preservative- and paraben-free skin care products such as balms, scrubs and lipbalms. Each item is made from organic/non-GMO and cold-pressed/virgin food-grade oils, butters and wax. They may be mildly scented using essential oils or all natural aromatic extracts. These products are made in small quantities and packed by hand to ensure freshness.

Here’s a quick look at our 2015 range of artisanal soaps & skincare products (click on the image to view a larger picture).

2015 Soap & Skincare Range - Page 1
2015 Soap & Skincare Range - Page 2

Kindly order via email or through our Order Form here. You can also contact me through the channels below:

Whatsapp: +6012-5158590
Email: mabel.savonniere[at]gmail[dot]com

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