Bubble test: Olive Oil (Bar C)

Bubble Test: Olive Oil (Bar C)

I hadn’t expected my olive oil bars to yield this much lather as I read that such soaps don’t really lather up unless you have cured them for a longggg time. This one has been cured for just two months. Could it be due to the quality of the oil used? (This one was made with French AOP oil.) Hm, I can’t be sure until I have tried the other bars.

Anyway, the lather comes out frothy initially and then creamy and compact with plenty of staying power (it doesn’t pop out or disappear on its own) – the structure reminds me of stiff whipped cream! While the soap has this slight scent of olive oil, soaping doesn’t leave any scent. Or at least none that my nose could detect. Overall, a very happy and pleasant surprise!

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