Actual Test: Rosemary Shampoo Bar

An closer look

Over the week, I got my very long hair lobbed off and settled for a nice layered crop that fell just slightly past my shoulders. Most of the hair is above my shoulders so I thought why not try out my shampoo bar to see how it would work. Previous attempts with shampoo bars from other soapmakers didn’t go too well as 1) my hair is long and (probably) 2) the water here is quite hard. With the latter point in mind, I made my shampoo bar to lather like mad.

What I didn’t anticipate for long lasting, “strong” and creamy lather in the shower!!!!! If I were to compare how it performed with commercial shampoo, I would say that the lather is better, considering the quantity used. I usually have to wash my hair twice to get lather – that’s how hard the water is here – but with the shampoo bar, just a few rubs onto my wet hair and it works beautifully!

Of course it felt squeeky clean after the wash which is normal with shampoo bars so I poured about two capfuls of apple cider vinegar over the crown and then finished off with a rinse before conditioning my hair as per usual. The result was surprising – to me, at least. My hair felt clean, soft and light. I plan to continue using my shampoo bar just to see how it would perform and what it does on my hair. To document this, I’ll be posting pictures as per above – one full profile and one close up.

I can’t wait to have feedback from the testers on this bar – they should be with Mr Post by the end of this week, if all goes well!

Freshly washed hair!

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