At Mabel ::: Savonnière (pronounced May-ble Sah-voon-near), we endeavour to keep things earth- and community-friendly and chemical free. This means that each item is made from sustainably sourced ingredients such as vegetable oils and butters, milks, clays and muds as well as herbs and spices. All colours that you see in our soaps and products are derived from clays or herbs and spices – we don’t even consider mica as a natural colorant!

We take pride in our essential oil scent blends – these scents are result of 10% luck, 40% research and 50% nose-brain work. Any use of fragrances and preservatives (the only synthetic items in our products) will be mentioned.

We do not use the following in our products:
– Parabens
– Urea or formaldehyde produts
– Phalates
– Silicons
– Petroleum (paraffin wax or liquid paraffin, etc)
– Animal fats (tallow and lard)

Our products are never tested on animals, only willing human beings (namely myself and my family) and made with lots of love & dedication to the care of communities and the environment.

Soaps and skincare products at Mabel ::: Savonnière are produced and packed in small quantities by hand, making it truly a work of love.

We are now a registered business with the Companies Commission of Malaysia under the Reg No 002391821-U.


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