A big announcement!

I had intended to keep this under the wraps until things were a little more final but that didn’t quite work out as planned!


I will be taking a break (somewhat reluctantly, to be honest) from soaping beginning from either mid-June to July 1st to facilitate a (possible) cross-country move. My husband was posted to Penang on a contract two years ago and come this July, that contract will be expiring so we’re looking to either stay on in Malaysia or move to other pastures. At this time, we are not quite certain of the location (hence why my decision to keep this under wraps at first) – I am hoping for somewhere close to home such as Singapore.

So beginning from May 1st, I am unable to take on any more custom orders (those who have contacted me prior to May 1st are in the “safe zone”). There will still be soaps and other skincare products for sale up till circa end of May to middle of June. I am planning on running a few promotions so if you have any orders, plan it for after 10 May when I kickstart the promos! All orders will definitely be shipped before I move (am planning to have 15 June as the deadline) so don’t worry about that bit!

In the meantime, I am clearing up my stock of carrier oils, butters and essential oils so once some of my regular items are finished, I won’t be making any until after we have settled into our new place. This will be reflected in the “Stock Update” page so do check it out if you can. A number of the old favourites will make its way back – Kopi O is already on the curing rack and Tofu is on the “to-do” list once I get back from my Labour Day break (May 1-10). I will also be launching a new liquid soap for sensitive skin and babies (you can have the option of unscented or scented) then.

To get a full list of what is available or what’s in the pipeline, you can also drop me a note either via email, WA or PM on Facebook.

In the meantime, my heartfelt thanks for your support and kindness since I started Mabel ::: Savonniere in 2011. It has been a good four years and I hope to get back to speed once things are clearer and definite!

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