Review: Naturalmente Mediterraneo

Naturalmente Mediterraneo

When Jennifer from Naturalmente Mediterraneo organized a little giveaway for this mini-contest she was doing on her personal blog, little did I know that it would lead me to trying out her soaps for real. I have been a follower of her blog since I started soapmaking and have always admired her use of local and natural ingredients in her soap so when I received her Orange Poppyseed soap and a sample of the Friendship Soap she made, I was excited!

I chose to try out her Friendship Soap first. It’s a salt bar with little bits of soap from her prickly pear soap, pomegranate soap, lavender soap and rose hip soap. Even before I opened up the wrapping, I could smell it. If her aim was to get something citrusy, she definitely hit the note with this scent blend. Every time I go into the bathroom, especially after a shower, the place smells heavenly and very invigorating. For a salt bar, it bubbles beautifully and even my daughter (who happens to be obssessed with bubbles) finds bath time with this bar ultra fun. It tickles, it makes bubbles and it smells great!

The talented lady not only makes soap but has balms, scrubs and other beauty stuff as part of her inventory! You can rest assured, Jennifer – I’ll be back for more soaps!

Do visit her blog for more eye-candy!

Friendship Soap by Naturalmente Mediterraneo

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One comment on “Review: Naturalmente Mediterraneo
  1. Jennifer Young says:

    Wow! I have just seen this… and so sorry for not commenting earlier!! Thank you for the beautiful review and shout out. xoxo Jen

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